Thursday, February 10, 2011

Introduction & Teaser

Hi my name is Abby and this is our story. Have you ever looked back on your life and wondered how you ended up here?

In a time where dreams were innocent.

Coming in June. Abby and Jon's life starts in 1985 at the Only Lonely Video shoot and their relationship will span the lifetime of the Bon Jovi Career in a series of short vignettes. Join me for something different and delicious :)

American Honey

Hot legs at ten o’clock.” Richie dumped himself down into the chair.

Jon leaned forward into the mirror and ruffled his hair. “Dude. You have a hottie at all hours what’s special about this one?”

Jon closed his eyes as the stylist leaned over him to apply their makeup. It was a little surreal sitting on a set of their first official music video. It wouldn’t have been the song he’d pick as a first single for the album but beggars really couldn’t be choosers at this point.

“Californian blond, sweet blue eyes--you know the ones you just want to melt into for a weekend.”

Jon snorted. “You been into Alec’s stash again? That’s awfully fucking romantic Rich --Ow.. Watch the head.” He cursed as the comb speared his skull and he shot daggers at the stylist.

“Sorry--Mr Bongiovi.”

“We need to focus Rich, I want this video to be awesome. Doc better have got the right people on this.” He knew very well that Doc would have got whoever the hell he could have considering the limited amount of money that they had access to. He knew breaks like this didn’t come easy so he would do anything he could to make sure that they did.

“Yeah yeah--I know Jon. I’m not stupid.”

“No, just horny.”